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Rest Assured


Jules Lee @ Cheeky One

Jules Lee @ Cheeky One

Jules a.k.a Cheeky One, R2B2 tour guide & Key Master. Pilates Instructor – deep tissue massage therapist – Physiotherapy graduate – dreams of having the ultimate lean meanmuscle machine bod! Happiest while in Meditation – Loves to travel more.


Rizal @ Lorcan

Psychology student – pen spinner – train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai – thinking of have a Mixed Martial Arts career – avid podcast listener – want to adopt a cat and named it “War Machine” – saving some money for a trip to Ireland

We Are One Big Happy Family

PODS, The power of dreams. The backpackers home @ Thambipillay, Brickfields, KL, Malaysia Every dream, metaphorically begins as seed. Through Time, trials and tribulations, like seeds, our journey to find who and what we really are sets some of us on a trail, some small and short breaks, others big and adventurous or some just being a wandering wanderer. The Inner sights we gain as globetrotters, trotting through different places, at different paces and seeing all the different faces, observing and surrounded by the wonderful, colourful sights, smells, sounds and sensations, is nothing but priceless polaroid embedded into our minds, enriching our inner trails, or just simply put, living and experiencing the “ REAL DESTINATION”
We at PODs love lots of fun activities and often have weekly gatherings with people and friends from active arts/ music practitioners. We offer and organize; tours (beach, jungle & river rafting), short hikes, scooter tours, charity & volunteering, etc. There is always something interesting and fun to do! Staying with PODs assures you a safe, rested, and very fun experience.


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Bunk PODs

Spacious female, male or mixed dorms with shared bathroom

RM 35

Single PODs

Single PODs

Private room with single mattress on built-in platform with shared bathroom

RM 65

Double PODs

Double PODs

Private room with twin mattresses on built-in platform with shared bathroom

RM 85

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